persistence as key factor for seller

What is the important task for salesman?


I spent six years in marketing and sales field but let me talk about key task in this job, one day I thought myself, if someone asks  me about the vital role for marketing and sale, what should I reply to him?

Obviously, I had a job as a door to door salesman and some day I visited more than 20 store or potential costumer for promoting my product, after that a few month I was telemarketer and I got the cold call every day to many people for introducing my company and my product.

I know what you think, it’s not good job or maybe you hate it but this job is really necessary for every business, if a company can’t sale their product all of the employees lose their job quickly during those years persistence really helps me to improve my skill in my job. Based on my experiences no one can sale the product without persistent and effort, although I have to consider this matter that persistent does not repeat your conservation and advertise frequently and nonstop, I am talking about learning from your experience. Salesman should learn from calling, appointment and get the best decision even in complex and uncertain situation.

Learning from your job every day and every time is much different from repeating your task every day, for instance government employees just repeat their same task without any creativity.

On the whole persistence and learning are the keys factor for any job especially for seller.

منتشرشده توسط


فواد انصاری هستم کسی که تمام طول عمرش در مقایسه با عمر هستی و قدمت زندگی به اندازه ی چشم بر هم زدنی نیست و زندگیش یک سنگریزه ی کوچک بین دو عدم و دو سیاهچاله است. ولی این سنگریزه میخواهد خود به زندگیش معنا دهد و آن را باز تعریف و تغییر شکل دهد.

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